Woman shares how to DIY your own air conditioning unit at home using ice and water


Whilst temperatures continue to soar across the UK and Ireland in the current scorching temperatures, people are looking for alternative ways to stay cool.

It comes as the severe heatwave is expected to top 40 degrees this week.

Amid the cost of living crisis, Brits trying to remain cool in the soaring temperatures can ultimately see their funds impacted.

However, a woman has come forward to share how you can DIY your own air conditioning unit – using just a regular fan, water and ice.

“How to make your own air conditioning unit! How are you keeping cool through the heatwave?” They captioned the post beside an ice cube and sun emoji.

“When it’s hot outside, here is how to make your own air conditioning unit.”

The super quick resolution to cold air throughout any home was quickly put together by simply filling your pan up with cold water from the tap.

The user used a simple pan – much like the ones you would use for baking or for cooking your tea – rather than splashing out on anything fancy.

“Just get your fan and a little pan,” she explained.

“Fill the pan up with water, add a few cubes of ice in it – and then put this pan right in front of your fan.

“It’ll blow some nice chilly cold air through your house and you’ll be chilling.”

Several TikTokers took to the comment section to gush over the idea – with many even sharing ideas of their own

“Fill a hot water bottle with water-Freeze it and then put you feet on it whilst sitting down nice and cold-Will cool you down,” one user suggested.

“Gill a litre pop bottle with water then freeze it, stand it in front just perfect,” a second penned.

The user responded: “Love this idea.”